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Freedom Fly Fitness is run and operated by veterans and first responders. Our trainers are passionate about creating a fun impactful workout. We all have endured injuries that have stopped our fitness routines in their tracks! So when we discovered bungee fitness we knew we were hooked for life!

Meet the Owners Jennifer Kern and K.C. Culbreath

Hey Y’all! I am Jennifer Kern, Army veteran and owner of Freedom Fly Bungee Fitness! With a passion for creating fun and excitement bungee fitness was a natural fit, I mean who doesn’t want to fly?!

Bungee fitness is a workout that brings you great music, a challenge to your workout, and strengthens your muscles all in one! Book your class today to find out!

As a registered nurse and prior athlete I know the importance of impact to muscles and long-term injuries. As a long term heavy lifter I wasn’t quite sure how I would feel about this type of workout. I took a leap of faith after seeing bungee fitness through social media with Jennifer Kern and knew immediately that I was in a better position to continue my fitness goals without the injuries through bungee fitness. If you don’t catch me “flying” then you will catch me sunning by the pool and hosting crab boils!


Sarah Seitz
Sarah SeitzGym Trainer
Sarah is a former military brat who now calls Ohio home. Sarah tries to balance the corporate life and family happiness while taking time to work on herself. With a passion for leading an active lifestyle and being able to move the body, Sarah has completed multiple half-marathons, a single marathon (one and done, thank you), and has fallen in love with CrossFit for the last 5 years. Sarah can usually be found dancing between sets and knows that fitness is always more fun with FRIENDS!
Sarah Traucht
Sarah TrauchtOffice Manager/Trainer
I am a registered nurse with a specialty in diabetes education. With my passion for teaching and encouraging others to adopt a healthier lifestyle, it only made sense to train in bungee fitness! It is such a great workout to do during the downtime I have from chasing my ornery two year old and my two rambunctious dogs. Flying is my favorite bungee move, but I am looking forward to the challenges that Modifly and Intensifly may bring. When I am not at bungee I am reading, baking/cooking, hiking, and spending time with all my friends and family!


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